MLS Todos Santos

Pueblo Magico

  Todos Santoss has recently been named a "PUEBLO MAGICO" (or "MAGICAL TOWN") by the Mexican national government - a distinction that signifies its uniquely authentic historic and artistic charm.

This brings with it an infusion of public capital into the community for expanding infrastructure within the community and for linking Todos Santos to surrounding communities over the next 10-20 years.

Currently, there are approximately 30 such communities with this distinction in the country and this status shows, not only the Mexican government's commitment to the community, but the promising future of Todos Santos, El Pescadero and surrounding towns that have already experienced notable growth and improvement in the past ten years.


Incredible Surfing!

  The area is also home to some of Baja's best surf beaches. Depending on the swell direction, excellent surfing can be found at Los Cerritos, San Pedrito, and La Pastora!!


MLS Todos Santos
Casa Arroyo Escondido
 $1,115,000.00 usd
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Location: Todos Santos
State: BCS
Country: Mexico
View: Ocean & Mountain
Finished Area: 6642 sq ft
Total Living Space: 3763 sq ft
Deck Space: 2879 sq ft
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3.5
Lot Area (in sq m): 3331.6
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Sewer-Septic: Septic
Furnished: No
Garage/Carport: Yes
Year Built: 2019
Longitude: -110.253841
Latitude: 23.477724
TSML ID: 4822
It’s time to make your dream of Baja living a reality. It’s time to wake up to the sounds of desert birds, and to drink a morning espresso on your terrace looking out to the Pacific Ocean. It’s time to cool off with a dip in your gorgeous pool, to share meals with friends in your stunning kitchen and great room, time to ease into the night under a sky filled with stars.
This brand new modern split-level home offers unparalleled architectural design. It was created by renowned Italian architect Gaddo Piazzesi, who built the home over the ¾-acre lot to make use of the expansive desert, ocean, and mountain views.
Impeccably crafted with luxury finishes throughout the home, the main level features the grand master suite, an additional en-suite bedroom, and the spacious indoor/outdoor living area which creates a calm, elegant space ideal for entertaining. Outdoor features include a bluff-top infinity pool and Jacuzzi with breathtaking views of the ocean and coastline.
The lower level features the third bedroom and garage, where there is ample storage space – you could build a beautiful wine cave and still have plenty of room for vehicles and all of your equipment for an active Baja life, such as mountain bikes, kayaks, surf boards, beach and camping gear.
You’re just minutes from surrounding secluded beaches, a few restaurants and gourmet groceries, and under ten minutes brings you to downtown Todos Santos for a greater experience of culture, art, live music, and cuisines.
This could be your home. You could start fresh in this incredible place – make it your own. And if you’re not ready to live here full time, it would make the perfect vacation rental as an additional source of income.
It’s time to take the leap. Contact our office for further information and to view this spectacular home in person or we can arrange for a virtual tour. Don't wait. The time is now.
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Ricardo Amigo Real Estate
Ricardo Amigo Real Estate
Corner of Obregon and Centenario Streets
Todos Santos, BCS
Mexico 23300
Phone:     011-52 (612) 145-0551
Secondary Phone:     619.270.2241

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